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The Adventures of Jo and the School’s Out Squad: Book One

Jo and the School’s Out Squad discover friendship in their first adventure, The Raspberry Race. Jo gets schooled about being honest, but her biggest lesson is about human nature.

When 6th grader Jo Daniels gets into trouble for eating raspberries from her neighbor’s bush, she gets help from her friends Betsy, Tommy and Leonard, and discovers her neighbor isn’t who she thought she was after all.

Book cover The Raspberry Race

This middle-school chapter book is filled with adventure and fun for children aged 9-12.

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Hi! My name’s Jo Daniels. I like to ride bikes, skateboard, and read! My favorite books are mystery books. Sometimes I like to solve mysteries! But don’t tell my dad. I promised I wouldn’t “get into any more questionable shenanigans.” So I’m stickin’ to plain, ol’ shenanigans. Join me in a few! I’ll tell you all about them in my next story, “The Mystery of the Blue Dog.”

Jo and the School's Out Squad strike again